A Message about the Mass Shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada

During the past several days, I have struggled to find new words and new ways to say what I have had to say so many times before.  Responding over the years to each new atrocity, I have written so many pastoral letters, cried out so many times for justice, pleaded so many times for sane and responsible government and citizenship.  Only God’s grace, infusing me with faith and hope, has given me the strength to persevere.  So today, as I ponder the mass shooting in Las Vegas, I reaffirm, with God’s help, this promise:
In community with my sisters and brothers who cherish peace, I will continue to struggle for however long it takes to end this epidemic of gun violence in America.  I will continue to write pastoral letters and to write to elected officials, to newspapers, and to those with a stake in ending gun violence.  I will continue to speak out against gun violence in the forums available to me.  I will continue to work with government, religious organizations, and citizen groups to produce rational gun legislation and effective enforcement.  I will continue to vote, especially for those candidates with the courage and moral conviction to challenge gun violence.  I will continue to do all of this with love.  This is what I promise, with God’s help, to do.  And I’m wondering, what will you do?


Copyright © 2017 by The Rev. Russell Bohner, TSSF